the last 2 weeks has been mad. so much to say but so little time. too exhausted as well. managing on 4 hours to sleep, i have put in so much work hours that i surprised myself at the length i would go for, in terms of work.

working on my photoshop till 3am at HOME for 3 straight days on work seem a little way off for some, but the pride of my work is the motivating factor, struggling to keep my lids from closing and trying to churn out a interesting and fun press release.

and i actually left work at 11.15pm at night on a friday evening, without feeling a pang of regret. the only regret i have, is been too tired and hungry to finish all my work before i leave.

met turtle for some drinks at bala, but i pulled him off to have some dinner with me at MS first cos i was SOoooOOooo famished. i havent seen him for 4 months ever since he left for iraq!!! turns out, we didnt head back to bala. he left his wallet in his sister car, so we ended up meeting his sister, driving the sister back home so that he’ll get to use the car instead, and ended up in velvet. i think i saw orientalflower but i ain’t sure.

i was boring company for sure that night. i was drifting in and out of sleep and dozing off when i totally cannot find the attention to follow the conversation. raf had to nudge me awake so many times! *guilty*

we had supper and i drove the boys home. raf & i had a short chatting session at sembawang dam to catch up, before i crashed home at 5 and collapsing into bed.

saturday was spent sleeping till the evening and night cycling at east coast with my colleagues. it’s quite a fun session and i will blog about it when i get the time. got home at 11am on sunday morning and crashed for 4 hours before my phone rang and my aunt asked me to pop over for a mahjong session.

feeling bad for rejecting her so many times during the week, i thought a short session will do but the twist of events that happened changed the situation and i got home only at 11pm . but it was a really nice bonding session, especially since my 3rd aunt popped by the house with her family too.

Oops. enuff said. time to work.

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