because i had been busy trying to deal with work and manage life in general, i have been pushing a lot of the events that i had wanted to blog about to the next day/week/month.. and they never seemed to be materializing!

anyhow, decided to post a jumbled up post of everything that i could think of now, and some pictures to show that i am still sane. 🙂

14 Oct 2008
finally brought der to greenwood fish market after telling him about it for ages. it’s not an easy task in doing that because i only wanted to go there on tuesday (oysters day), and because tuesdays are working days.. der is usually still stuck in JB at dinner time, madly trying to finish his work.

so, this was indeed an opportunity of a lifetime when we finally had the chance to go! (i think he took 1/2 day leave or something). we had a dozen of yummulicious oysters, some vinaigrette salad and he had fish and chips while i had rosemary lamb. almost wanted to order a bottle of wine but it will mean that we are too intoxicated to drive.. so the idea was dropped.

15 Oct 2008 – i met cinderella! snow white!
cinderella snow white turned up in my office one day to dish out invitation to all for the annual dinner and dance, one in which the theme was something that i have been looking forward to all these years, but yet, i didn’t have the chance/opportunity to attend. bah.

on the same day, i met jennifer for dinner at dempsey. after a whole bunch of stuff that we ate (feel so gluttony thinking about it), we order 3 cakes to share between the 2 of us! i was the greedy one…

17 Oct 2008 – Sally’s farewell dinner at melting pot
the girl is leaving for shanghai to work. it’s been a long time since we met when i was holding my first full time job.. the tmx gatherings are gonna be a lot less noisy without her.

19 Oct 2008 – shopping in orchard…
popped into tiffany and co on that day and i think they were having some sort of party/celebration or something. they had butlers going round the shop to give guest finger food and champagne and there was a mini cup cake tiered cake and i took one!

other random shots in oct
a present given to me by my MA on the day the team did my farewell dinner. it’s so sweet of her so i took a picture of it. 🙂 and then, there was this book by DM rocket that i threw away… but i had to take a picture of this particular page that has got my face in it, together with my team mates…

14 nov 2008 – dinner with the girls.
had dinner with shufen, agnes and april. the funny thing is, shufen and me had dinner in royal copenhagen while april and agnes had theirs in crystal jade. because agnes was so late that by the time she arrived, royal copenhagen is closing and we had to adjourn elsewhere. and at the end of the day, we took pictures with the big christmas tree in taka!

15 nov 2008 – lunch and hi-tea with der
brought der to eat lucky chicken rice in lucky plaza. he is quite amazed with that little joint there in the hub of the city… i told that i had many meals there during the days when i was a promoter. and we also had hi-tea in royal copenhagen again cos my legs were so tired from walking and i dragged der in to have some scones and cakes.

19 nov 2008 – reunion of the EXes
the old gang of girls from the ex company met up for a brief dinner.. everyone have left the company with the exception of 1 that’s still surviving currently. obviously she is not in the picture cos she does not belong to the EXes yet! it’s nice catching up with everyone but i guess the group seemed a little too big to interact properly with each other, still it was some great fun.

so ya, that’s the end of the updates. there are more, but the pictures have yet to be uploaded, and it’s almost bed time so i better go finish up the brief that I am supposed to be submitting tomorrow morning..

and urgh. it’s back to reality – work.

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