with no pretty clothes to choose, no fanciful accessories to put on, a limited choice of shoes and a very dull bag, u put them together and u get an odd ball.

and that’s me walking around orchard with yihui yesterday. i feel weird all over and it suddenly hits me, how pretty clothes can make one feel better. boost ur confidence even.

is that an enough reason for girls to shop? haha.

we strolled around, got ourselves lost in stationery and arts materials, tinkering around with scrapbooking stuff and poured over shelves and shelves of books in kino. it was fun if u asked me. for once, i enjoy the relaxed environment, taking my sweet time to look through the books and stationery, with a companion that doesnt rush me off. truly fantastic. you know, simple joy of life.

met nicholas and ca-ryn when we were chilling out at tcc much later. sat down and they both reminded me so much of the “power-pack” people during the marcom days. u know, confident, elegant, eloquent, very good mannerisms etc. i think i pale so much as compared to them. it lead me to thinking back all the work we had done during the marcom days, the pitching, the presentations.


where have i been since then?

Ok. im heading home from the camping ground, to grab more decent looking clothes and prob. crash the party the rest of the girls are holding for larry.

over and out.

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