i think i hate to be human. i want to be a monkey.

there are just too much societal confirmations that people require you to conform to in the human world. and there are so many “rules” from the different roles that you may be playing a part in.

when u risk defying the “regulations”, people look at you differently, comments on why you shouldn’t be like that, comments on how u should act, comments on whatever they could think of.

com’on people. give me a break.

isn’t life supposed to be fun, enjoyment and all? what about breaking out of the clutter and norm?

no one thought that the blind could play piano till beethoven did it.

actually i am quite sick of the comments of people telling me how i should act, what i should do and shouldn’t do.

com’on.. there is a reason why disneyland is so popular. because there is a KID in everyone that needs to be released.

i am so feeling sick in the stomach today. :/

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