smiles all day, i went to meet brandon and joce for dinner and some shopping. Went around choosing watches for myself to replace the old one. selected a few models, but the thing is.. it’s so hard finding a watch amongst fossil house brands that cost that much, and i’ll prolly have to get 2 watches to top up to $288.

as much as i love it, i think 6 new watches in 2 weeks is not funny. i have only one hand to wear! 🙂

had a coffee sesh with brandon after joce left, and i think i like talking to people. one to one basis. on the way home in the cab, my heart stopped a moment. i saw his car next to my cab on the expressway. i didn’t had the urge to call, but i just stared in a daze, trying to peer into his car and checking out the driver. Obviously it’s quite impossible with the blackened windows panes and all, but judging at how slow his car was going, i was sure it wasn’t him driving. I also felt a relief when i saw there wasn’t any passenger in the car. don’t ask me why.

brandon had tried to distract me with other stuffs, talking abt my morning hike and all but i wasn’t hearing. i just kept turning back to see the car, with the bomberman sticker that his friend had designed. after the car turned off the expressway, i just look straight and told brandon i’m ok. It’s only normal to feel affected. It just takes conditioning to make it better. I will be ok. I think i have done well in the last 2 weeks, and i should really give myself a pat on the back!

And oh!! i’m going hiking with moses and allan and some of their mates tomorrow morning at 7am! the route will be from macritchie reservoir to bukit timah?! (i think!)

have to wake at 6+ and i heard it’s gonna take abt 5 hours! so, im running off to prepare the stuff and head to bed! good nite!

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