despite the recent rainy season.. i did manage to get very hot sun and an ugly tan!

the athletes junior decided that we haven’t been doing our runs and organised a beach day at sentosa and a run. joined them (because i wanted to be fit) but eventually backed out of the entire run cos i’m lazy and it would mean a lot of (cleaning) work.

decided to just chill by the beach and enjoy the scene. haven’t been to sentosa for a long long time and i think the last that i sun-tanned there was during my uni days? no? or was it the angie the choice days. anyway, it’s definitely more than 3 years back.

the beaches look quieter these days, not as happening and packed like what i remembered it to be.. but of cos, back then there wasn’t the chic cafe del mar as well!

i kinda forgot how relaxing and it is to just chill at the beach till that day.

mrs lim and her sons, ian and ethan respectively..

i like relaxing moments like these..

derrick and mrs lim

my FAVOURITE photo cos somehow, the angle makes me looks real fit! like tomb raider!

ian has been the target for my camera and this is my favourite picture of him!

but of cos, the sun haven’t been kind and i got a terrible tan and slight sun burnt. who would have expected the sun to be THAT strong when it’s pouring cats and dogs everyday?

was looking through the pictures that i took and i gathered that dressed in a tiny bikini, i looked like a very big sized girl. big body mass and all.. yucks! i want to be slim and have skinny legs!

anyway, the rest of the pictures and people can be found in HERE!

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