last week, we finally found some time to check out pasar bella. the husb is pretty appalled when I told him we are going to check out a market and was in fact, very reluctant to go according to my suggestion.  haha!

the flight of stairs kinda put der off. he had to carry the stroller with a sleeping jerry in it up those stairs. he even told me to go ahead and he’ll sit at the bus stop to wait for me. haha! my lazy man. (we eventually realised that we could enter from the sides through the mall area that doesnt require climbing any steps).  and can I just say, I love the lovely painted picture by the side?


we had a really lovely time walking through the place and checking out everything on sale! fresh seafood, cold cuts, little food establishments, cakes, cookies, quirky little shops selling cute oranaments, paintings, organic baby stuff, vegetables and loads more! the first impression of the place reminded me a lot about Australia and it certainly didnt feel like I was in singapore. 

I had a pretty hard time trying to decide what ice cream flavours to purchase.  was very very tempted to get superman and cookie monster! also very delighted to find they have butter beer (im a super big harry potter fan) but it didnt taste as good in ice cream form as compared to the drink I had in universal orlando.

I loved these cute little paintings and I wanted to cart them home! 


we ended the trip eating a dozen of freshly shucked oysters (yum yum!) and prawns dipped in hot butter. super yummy. everything is so fresh and good.

I could hang in that place for an entire day if given the chance/opportunity just to soak up the atmosphere, have a drink and people watch, but the kids were with us and jerry just wanted to run around the entire place… which means we had to chase him down. that kid has also mastered the skill of escaping from the stroller (even with a 5 point harness) so we could barely keep him in these days.. we quickly got out of the place thereafter when jerry got super restless.


BUT (huge but!), we’ll definitely be back soon. totally loved the place! der was pretty surprised that we have such a place in sg.

just had to flash the most expensive tomatoes I have ever seen. and there’s fresh wasabi on sale if you doesnt know how wasabi looks like.


have you been there too? if not, its really a nice place to visit and I do hope you’ll like it as much as I do.