I attend a wedding over the weekend, of james and angel. it was a lovely wedding with touching speeches and all.


and it was special to me in my own little way. I was back in the same ballroom that I wedded in 3 years ago. as i sit in the ballroom, the memories of my own wedding flashed in my mind and I couldnt help it but smile at those memories. It was so much fun. ok. I shouldnt really steal the story. its their wedding after all.

I didnt manage to take much pictures of the couple. and whatever I had was a little fuzzy. I was too busy catching up with everyone else. oopsie. but thats what people do at weddings right?

my team at work and the agency folks (ex and current).

xueli & me

ok. its the same few faces over and over. here’s the shot of everyone with the beautiful wedding couple.

can you spot me? I loved what I was wearing that day! and I just realised that this picture looks funny with a jacket appearing at the bottom left. hahaha.


the weekend is over! I had fun while it lasted. looking forward to the next!