the husb is away the whole week for a business trip, so my hands are very much tied up with the baby. its also a bad week at work with me logging much longer hours with all the happenings coming up, and the bump is starting to give me much discomfort and making me very very tired. slap on the chores of bottle washing and all, I’m pretty much dead to the world before midnight even strike.

I didn’t manage to spend a lot of time with the bub though since he’s mostly sleeping by the time I reach home or that its his bedtime and I quickly change him and put in bed.


I only manage to capture less than 5 pictures the whole week. I gave him a mirror to observe when he was brushing his teeth biting the toothbrush the other day and it managed to entertain him a bit, but I had a hard time prying both items out of his tiny hands after. he has such a tight grip!

taken during one of those mornings when he followed me out of the door.. when my ‘byes’ were returned with replies of ‘gai gai’, pointing his shoes out to me when he couldn’t reach and when he realises I’m out of the door.. gave up on the shoes and ran after me. my mum had to hold him back so I captured a picture to remember the moment.

other days, i come home to a sleeping baby. on days like this, I’ll just lie beside him and observe him as he takes each breath, chest rising and falling, and feel thankful that my little baby is growing well and spend my time staring at him till I doze into dreamland myself.


its already mid September and I keep asking myself where has all the time gone to? I wanted to do a post on jerry turning 16 months old early in the month, but I really didn’t have the extra energy. I feel so zapped of energy these days and am alot more tired in this pregnancy than the previous. am suspecting that it has got to do with my energizer bunny.


my wedding anniversary also rolled by this week.. but the husb wasnt with me so there were no flowers, fancy dinner or any fanfare at all. only a sms when midnight rolled from the husband. has it really been only 2 years? it does seems much longer with all that we went through in the last 24 months. meanwhile, I’m really thankful for a supporting, understanding and ever giving spouse (especially ever since we discovered little baby j). the small little things like topping up the cash card and ensuring the fuel tank is full for me to use the car when he left says much. his small little gestures constantly serve as reminders for me to be thankful. he always goes the extra mile to fetch me home even when its out of the way (and doesnt need to since I could claim cab after certain hrs), or fetch me to a meeting I had when I couldnt get a cab after calling for 7 times even though it means he’ll be late for work. I can’t help but feel more blessed with each passing day. sure, there are bad days but I feel we always manage to get out of it better, solving our problems more amicably, understanding each other more as days go by so I’m sure there’ll be many good years ahead of us! am really looking forward to our family of 4 and hopefully, nested in our own flat when the next anniversary rolls along.


I can’t wait for the husband to get home later today so that I can be princessy (read: no chores to do) all over again. I am beginning to lose my sanity this week with fatigue and lack of sleep! ok. gotta go sleep now. I must be insane to blog at this hour but hunger woke me and after some food, I’m feeling quite awake.. nights.