this blog has been neglected, but i have been squeezing time to catch up with all the blog entries. although i hardly comment these days, it doesnt mean that i no longer read. i do, just much later than im supposed to.

i have been trying to maintain a well-rounded lifestyle. the work has been harsh, but it’s getting better now that i know more about the basics. the challenge now is to handle each campaign well, and instill confidence in myself for public speaking/presentation. i havent gotten over my stage fright yet, despite all those training during the marcom days in school. i guess it takes me a few rounds to get it better. feedback from my colleagues has been fairly positive in that aspect, just gotta work on my nerves. 🙂

badminton is coming back into my life. i have found kakis to play on every thursday night, after work for 3 hours. shiok if you ask me cos i desperately need to burn the fats off! but my knee isnt very comfy with the sport and the last time i was in a friendly match, in an attempt to hit the shuttlecock, i sorta twisted my knee when my body reacted. i pretty much limped the rest of the game away and am so glad when it was match point.

i’m trying to plan some swimming into my schedule too. but the timing has been pretty hard to work since my colleagues and me all have classes on different days on top of the once in a month issue. Hmmm.. but i’m still looking forward to it. we are heading to sentosa this coming saturday! yeah!!! wanna catch a bunch of babes? com’on, join us at the beach! wwenzz, wanna come?!?!

i have been consistently meeting up with friends as well. had dinner with branson at crystal jade j8 on thursday night. i was suppposed to treat him dinner in town, but after 2 hours wait, we ended up in bishan with his treat. im quite surprised with my own patience cos i was really really tired, walking around with killer heels.

was on 1/2 day on friday and met up with unpolished_gem, meinu_yihui and qunyu. we nattered on work and wow! it’s been 3 years since we graduated! while qunyu & michie went back to work, yihui & me popped into town, had some anderson ice cream to check on the store for zhijian and i spent an hr in toy r us shopping for a car-related present for my manager’s son. yihui left soon after for a date with munic and i popped into Strip at wheelock for a painful experience. Ouch! well worth it if you asked me. hee hee.

night was spent at a chalet in tanah merah with all my marketing colleagues, celebrating my manager’s little boy’s birthday. 🙂 he’s such a smart guy for his age and damn good at bargaining over his sleeping time! hahaha.

wanted to catch POC last night, but no good seats cos i didn’t book. ended up playing mahjong with my aunt, wei and bro and i won some shopping money!

today’s one sunday that i’m quite glad to have. i woke up in my own bed instead of wei’s, yet he’s here with me. tonight is some family time with my aunts/uncles for dinner in toa payoh. yums. i cant wait cos we are going to my aunt’s dessert stall!

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