it’s monday and im sure a lot of you are feeling the blues.  but you know what? you cant be more blue than I am after a 16 week break.


im officially back at work today after maternity leave ended mid last week plus some days of leave to bag myself another weekend. and as for the blues, im joking!


im generally quite chirpy and smiley today and here’s the ‘monday blues’ im actually referring to!

my #ootd – decked in blue from head to toe.


gotcha! its always easy to look at the negatives and wallow in it but staying positive does make my day a lot brighter and lighter! although im almost sorry this morning that I gotta leave the kids behind and head to work. I had a really breezy day today with just one meeting and sorting out some IT issues on top of meeting new people and clearing some emails.


I got pampered by the husband because he drove me to work in the morning too! its been a fantastic day thus far and I hope the rest of the week rocks as well. here’s wishing you a great week ahead too!!


and *gasp*! I must be the last to realise it (only knew it today) but its a short week and there is a long weekend to look forward too. are you planning for the weekend already?


p.s. my boss saw me today and he laughed and commented, “im gonna see how long that smile of yours would last!”. know what I think? as long as I could!! there’s more to life than just work and im sure I have loads to be happy and be thankful about!