Its Estelle’s birthday party this coming weekend! The baby girl of my bestie. I am looking forward to meeting the sec school clique. Haven’t seen most of them for the longest time since everyone is busy with work and kids. I am as guilty as charged.

Eagerly bought and wrapped her present last weekend along with a self-drawn decorated card. Haven’t done anything personalized for a long time.. It was a good respite from work and caring for the baby, even though it was just 15mins of art and craft. (and yes! I’m still using Christmas wrappers left over from last year – my effort to recycle and save the earth)

October has been a better and happier month, with many things that I should be thankful for and of which, I hadn’t have the time to update.

Hopefully, November will be even better! Positivity breeds positivity, no?

Have a great Friday everyone! The long weekend beckons!

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