it wasn’t a loud bang. there wasn’t a huge celebration with friends as well. all i had were small little dinners with friends, that were simple and nice.

i really don’t like adding numbers to my age. it sorta limits the things i can do, i.e. being crazy for one.

thursday. the eve of my birthday. lunch was spent in swensen’s with the colleagues eating a feast and stuffing myself silly. we had.. clam chowder soup in breadbowl, smoked salmon salad, a HUGE platter-to-share, vegetables baked rice, mac n cheese, mushroom chicken spaghetti, cheese meltdown, a seafood pizza, a chocolate fondue and happy birthday ice-cream that’s complimentary on the house. i also had a soursop blended drink to wash everything down.

back in the office, jen got everyone cupcakes from c-cup from her recent promotion, and the agency got cakes from the patissier..

and after all those cakes, i have another cake waiting for me! can you believe that i had to go bug everyone to do the celebration for me ‘cos i had to rush to the airport? and so i ruined the once-a-year surprise celebration thingy. ha!

see my cake!!! so many candles!!


and i got $200 harvey norman vouchers from them and a supplier. fundings for my soon-to-be mine sony T20. soon-to-be cos i still need more funds! 🙂

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