the bowling competition on saturday.

well, my team didnt get into the finals, but i made 2 new friends – my team mates. funny how i even agreed in the first place joining a bunch of strangers to participate. and we didn’t even had the time to train, because i was overseas and the schedules didnt permit.

when was the last time i bowled? I think it was with agnes, kevin, humin and der at orchid country club.

so here’s my scores..

game 1

game 2

p.s. CL stands for cherie lim

i didn’t take a picture of the game 3 scores because the screen went off before i could. as you can see, i started on a good note and it went crashing down from there. somehow, i lost concentration and then my balls started going everywhere. then i lost hope. LOL. i started being the top female individual player for the first game, dropped to the 3rd by the second game and 6th by the last game. in the overall scores between the morning and afternoon sessions, i was ranked 12th. i rounded all 3 games with a total score of 450.

it was fun though. i never thought of winning anyway, but it was great that i did get that 3 begger. it sure helped pull up the team scores for a bit.

Hmmmm, maybe a better game next year?

gosh. i guessed i was also concentrating hard on the games that i did not take a single picture with my team mates. LOL. we were also the last team that finished playing (we took our own sweet time), and it was rather tense when the other teams starting crowding around our lane.

*yawns* i better get to bed. no more driving tomorrow and i have to be up earlier to do pulic transport.


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