the long weekend was packed with tons of activities that I did not have any time alone, unless you consider 3 hours of manicure me-time.

I ended 2009 with a movie – bodyguards and assassins and started 2010 with another movie – did you hear about the morgans? it was movie galore because i had this stack of $1 off coupons to be utilised before 31 Dec 09, so we bought movie tickets for all the shows that we wanted to watch, including avatar.

Bright and early in the morning, we were up and about and headed shopping! we went to buy shoes for the boy for the shoot, and then a bbq with friends a stone throw away from my void deck (more on it in a separate post), followed by the a midnight movie avatar. the movie was fantastic, just a pity that we didnt catch it in the 3D version. by the time the movie ended, we were really tired from bustling around the entire day and crashed promptly soon after we got home.

saturday started early for us, since the boy’s birthday is round the corner.. his friends wanted to celebrate it for him and we went k-lunch! it was fun, and considering how i don’t like singing.. i did enjoy the session!

we zipped off to the bridal studio for fitting and hmmm… feels really surreal. stole some snap shots but i don’t think i’ll be showing them in the blogosphere.

the day didnt end there. we had to rush off to der’s grandma’s birthday celebration at may springs. I was so sleepy that i dozed off in the car and gave a whole lot of crap instructions to the venue that we ended up in circles for a while. gambled the first time in 2010 and won $90 from mahjong! Wooohooo! does that mean good luck in some sense?! 🙂

and sunday was in JB (see earlier post) and then manicure in the evening and dinner with my dad at night. Yawns. i got home close to midnight, feeling spent and tired.. and all i wanted to do was crash in bed.

i wish the alarm didnt ring this morning and i didnt have to drag myself out from bed for work because i am really really tired.

i guess in time to come, there will be more commitments to fulfill, a busier year (amidst the preparations), more responsibilities and hopefully more opportunities as well.

I have not had the time to reflect on the past year and make any resolutions for the new year. but bearing in mind the amount of changes (to my life) that will happen in 2010, i just want to achieve a few simple things for the year.

1. save more money (cutting down the frivolous buys, eat less lavishly, make every single cent well spent)
2. be nice to people around me (not that im not nice), learn to snap less at people, hold my temper and accumulate good karma.
3. appreciate the people around me – family, friends and especially the boy
4. be more positive when it comes to work. things will always turn out better if we have faith isn’t it?
5. be more active in blogging (iphone makes it easier now) and jot down the key details of my life journey, especially the happy moments.

I guess that’s it for now. when i have the time (maybe after the 7 jan), i just might think about what has happened in 2009 in details and put to good use what I have learnt in the past year.

i hope you are not too bored reading all these boring stuff from me from the start of the year.

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