it’s a relatively easy hunt, but it was just tedious and coupled with the sickie me that’s coughing till my face turns green and grasping for air.. it wasn’t that fun after all.

but seriously, i would have enjoyed it a lot more given pink health.

and so, here’s all the clues and how i went around cracking them.






clue 1 had me analyzing all the numbers and on the watch and is probably the hardest clue of all. i took about 5 mins of thinking before realizing and concluding that the numbers prolly dont make any sense, especially when the date was dated so far back. i had the same identical watch at home, and that got me to check out my own watch (which i was wearing for whole of friday), but nope. it was not that.. just when i was going to give up.. i thought about the box and ta-dah! i found this that i left at a corner of my room!

i emptied the contents and found nothing interesting, except the harry potter tickets that was within the box.. hmmm…. how did those tickets turn up there?! figured it was the next clue.

harry potter was relatively easy. immediately i went to check out my books collection and after flipping through the second book, and ta-dah! i landed on the 3rd clue, written on a piece of cutesy wrapping paper with a picture of x.silly with a present.

this is when i am very sianz. the crystal is NOT in my house and it’s in der’s place.. and after a long day at work and non-stop coughing, all i wanted was to lie in bed and snuggle my way to dreamland. it was after much persuading that der finally managed to get me to change and head out to his place to continue the hunt.

and this is the so-called crystal ball. a birthday present that i gave him 2 birthdays ago.

that’s where i found clue no. 4, lying beneath the snow globe, totally away from the human eye unless u move the globe. i also went huh?! what does this mean? judging from how the clues turned out thus far, i figured i have to look for a box or something and started ransacking der’s wardrobe.

found this lying at a hidden corner in one of his drawers..

in it, i found a KEY (clue 5)!!

it’s a letter box key!! faints! in his letter box, i found this…

and when i saw the slip of paper, i was super not willing to go.. because i was coughing quite badly and i was dressed in so little (racer back and fbt shorts), but der kept urging to say that the present might be gone if we didn’t go.. (ya right!)

and i kept telling him it must be a really cheap present for him to be able to leave it there like that.

so off we went (me grudgingly) and got into the car where i spluttered in fits of cough more badly than the engine sound that halfway, der decided its best he took over the wheel.. and when i got there.. i was so sick, cold and coughing non stop, i ended up vomiting from too much coughing.

that was when i was almost in tears and said i didnt want the present and i just wanted to go home instead of searching the entire seletar dam for the present. der gave in and just said that the present was in the car.. i just had to search the car.

1. boot – i found a bouquet of flowers..
2. after almost turning the car upside down, i found this secret compartment drawer at the bottom of the passenger seat with my present!!

you know what it is?!!!

it’s a magnifying glass!! why the hell would i need a magnifying glass??

anyone want to give a guess why this present?

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