i guess there a few of you who are curious to know what happened and have been concerned about me. just want to say, i am fine and i spent one day yesterday reeling from the shock and the expenses that i have incurred in that ONE bump.

i was the driver, and i was involved in an accident with a passenger in tow (jennifer!).

oh wells. i WAS at fault. wei is on a business trip in guangzhou and i was given the car to drive around. i was driving jennifer and myself to work yesterday morning when it was raining. the traffic is bad (as usual), and i was trying to grab my mobile (it’s ringing!) and when i look up.. i knew i was gonna crash!

what happened was, 2 cars in front jammed the brakes and wanted to do a right turn. the car in front slammed the brakes and managed to stop in time. i was the 3rd car behind, and i OBVIOUSLY couldn’t stop in time.

the only answers i have/guessed that lead to the crash:
– it was raining and the brakes weren’t working as well
– i was in a shock knowing i am gonna crash and didnt slam the brakes hard enough

anyway, the deed is done and i have incurred thousands of additional expenses in that split second.

jennifer suffered some knocks on her knees against the dashboard, and i think i am having a slight strain in my back. but all in all, we are fine and are still able to joke a bit though i am in shock.

and oh.. by the way, i banged into a bloody few months old LEXUS GS300. :S

towed the car to the workshop to assess the damage and cost of repairs and it amounted to a minimum of 3k for wei’s car. called lexus up and checked on the cost of the bumper and decided that i couldn’t afford to settle it myself and i had to just claim for insurance.

wei is SO gonna kill me cos his insurance is already very exorbitant!

i spent $71 bucks buying 4D for the 2 car plates from the crash and damn! i didn’t win the lottery else i could have bought wei a new car!

anyway, wei knew about the crash cos i called and confessed.. (he asked about the car and NOT ME!!!). his rationale is that if i can call and explain what happened, i am ok. Grrrr..

and so now.. i don’t think the crash will deter me from driving. so i am good and sound.

thank you to those who have showed their concerns. here’s some pictures of the crash and the damage.

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