i singlehandedly, brought 2 kids out with me for lunch. YAY!

i guess its an achievement in my motherhood books.


we headed out for lunch with my girlfriend in my hood because i dont think i could have gone far with the 2 kids. actually, i could have since i have my bro’s car but der left for work with the 2 car seats in his car! im solo parenting with zero help this week. my mum is in hospital for an ear surgery, my brother is off holidaying in seoul, der couldnt get off work this week, so i just gotta deal with it. i do have a helpline (my cousin/relatives who stays a block away) but i guess its good training for me.


i gotta admit its a little daunting to even think about lugging 2 kids out alone and i guess it helped that i was going somewhere near.


we had sakae sushi for lunch, with the babies settled in the booth seats beside us, and jerry in a booster seat. i did get a bit of a scare from jerry when i thought he was going to shit (ok, both wenmei and me got a huge fright) but he didnt so we were fine. with a couple of water spills from jerry resulting in a wet table and he managing to flip himself and the booster seat upside down and almost falling down, we finished lunch unscathed but with 2 crying babies. the restaurant was sooooo warm, it had all of us in perspiration. jerome’s clothes were all soaked and xav had very wet hair.


ok. the 2 kiddos also had soaking diapers when i got home because i didnt change them while we were out. i also bribed jerry with vit c gummies and cold water to instil some obedient behavior so that i could manage without much struggles from him. i guess no crying meltdown is good news.


and there, achievement unlocked! i should dare the husband to do it too.. lol.


in other news, the husband is going off for yet another biz trip this sunday, and it does look like the relocation issue is back to haunt us again.