I seemed to be heading to MBS quite often in the last month. With the fetish over the todai buffet (I had it 3 times within 2 weeks), my relatives visiting from the states and Kenties coming back with kaka and staying there (wow!).. I just keep going back!

The highlight had to be the meet up with Kenties and kaka.. Because I had a chance to view their hotel room, headed up to the rooftop and checked out the swimming pool.. Sat around baking in the sun checking out the gorgeous view (but it was jammed packed with people!!) and also checking out ku de ta but we didn’t go in (a pity).

Feels like being on top of the world, with the sun setting and reflecting off the water from the pool. Lovely lovely view. I wished I had my bikinis with me and chill around with a cocktail, except that I don’t have and I probably would consider thrice about wearing a bikini again (stares at flabby, jiggly tummy with horrendous dark stretch marks).

Seems like a relaxation haven, only if it was not that packed! Kenties say it was lovely in the morning where there isn’t that many people.

The long stretch of pool. Hmmm, I think it’s more of a place for relaxing though, not suited for any serious swimming or workout since the pool is being spilt up into many many sections. Well, those who want some peace without the kids screaming and splashing water would be happy to note that there is an adult section where no kids are allowed. The security is rather strict and I have seen them chase the kids out. There are also jacuzzi pools for usage for the adults. Under 16 year olds are not allowed though.

Picture of kaka & me. Aiyah, I always (x10 times) forget to take a picture with dr. Kenties! He is the first phd friend I have (family not included).

The view from the hotel room corridor. I didn’t manage to take a picture of their hotel room, was too shy to do so! But the room looked pretty decent and the bathroom was huge with a nice bathtub.. Here’s the seaview from their hotel room. It’s quite nice except that there is construction going on..

We headed out for tea/coffee and went in search for merlion chocolates for kaka to bring back to Japan. When night falls, we headed back to the hotel to check out the night view.

The hotel lights up to a warm hue.. Looks quite different from the day view.

Kenties gave another tour of the hotel to his guy friend who was supposed to meet him for dinner. I joined in the crowd to check out the night view. my iPhone totally don’t do the view any justice, but I didn’t have a camera. Kent took some kick-ass pictures with his friend’s camera though. Very lovely!

The night ended with me dropping them off at Fullerton where they headed for some drinks to chill and dinner to fill their tummies while I headed home to my baby!

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