The direction of the sun. It shined through the entire ad and I couldn’t read the details at the bottom when the back panel design interfered with the ad, rendering the ad almost useless.

The ad was actually quite nice and I saw it when the train was docking but then, I was looking out for it since I wanted to see how it looked like. Everyone else was busy looking at the train and waiting for their turn to hop on.

So, how effective is this actually when no one can read it in the morning or maybe even during the afternoon?

Or maybe could double coat the sticker with a white backing so that the sun cannot shine through.

But then, how many advertisers will actually bother to check on stuff like that? Prolly too busy to run or lauch the other aspects of the campaign, unless the ad is prominent on their way to work.

Just like how boliao I am now, with nothing to do on the way there.

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