eh.. im feeling feverish and im not noticing it. i am so busy editing photos at work and creating new album pages. Grr.. my eyes going bonkers already.

gonna take a break and talk abt something that’s been on my mind a lot these days.

recently, i begin to wonder if i have an affinity with kids. i dont remember liking them at all. in fact, i really cannot stand them when they start screaming, throwing tantrums and crying. i’ll cringe at the sight of naughty kids. of cos, i acknowledged the fact that they are adorable at times and make you smile, but i just didnt think i would like to hang out with kids, and musing over them.

but i have been hanging out with vanessa a lot recently and i really like her. she surprises me with a lot of the stuff she says. and she’s really matured for her age.

i also think i seemed to attract kids to like me, even tho i dont really like them. no, im not talking abt me not liking vanessa, or any of the below kids that i mentioned. i just taking kids in general.

at sally’s dinner party the other day.. someone commented that i’m good with kids cos i managed to make winny (don’s kid) to quieten down by passing her some butter to play with while she was throwing some tantrum of wanting to play with the fork.

and for the last 2 mondays.. i have been finding surprises on my table.

last monday i found this..

and yesterday i found this..

soon, my desk is gonna be filled with kid’s drawings. and i’m the only person in the whole office that received the drawings, by the way. and pearlyn is actually my boss’s daughter..

and my boi’s niece, shanie.. i’ve seen her through her growing up years and she used to stick to me a lot till the point that her mum doenst seemed too pleased. and i had to shun her to keep a distance.

is it because i entertain them or is it because im by nature, kids-lovable? or maybe cos i am really a big kid myself, not wanting to grow up and therefore able to strike a chord with them?

i seriously have no idea.