the weekend was packed and great. in some sense.

i kinda wished sunday afternoon was a lot slower… der & me met jen for a cuppa and scones.. only to realise that the place serve scones with raisins.. which she don’t take.


anyhow, we went to a new place that i found online.. and decided to check it out since we didn’t have anywhere to go.

fosters, an english rose cafe

the place is anciently decorated with furnishings that makes you feel like you have been transported to ancient england. but then, i never been to england so i am guessing it based on what i see from teevee.

it was just a nice place to chill out, with efforts in making you feel english. the menu was presented in a newspaper format, with articles on tea etiquette, jokes to laugh your afternoon away, the origins of “high tea” and the likes. thought it was a nice effort in the menu. there’s nothing glorious about the food(but then we only had scones, cakes and i ordered a baked potato).. neither was the service. was a tad disappointed but i guess jen sorta managed my expectations when she say.. “i think the food don’t look like it’s very nice cos most of the tables didn’t finish their food”.

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