I was going to photoblog with my n95 when it died on me a few minutes back with the parting message – battery is empty. Please charge your phone.


That’s what happens when you have 2 phone lines. You neglect the one that you seldom touch anymore.

Anyway.. I was going to blog about my crocs (new! And brown!). I am wearing it to work today and paired it with my white button down dress. I think I look like a nurse! What was supposed to be my shoes for the cny, it ended up on my mum’s feet. She didn’t have a new pair of shoes so I gave her the crocs in the end. But that doesn’t stop me from wearing when I get the chance!

Also.. I have very bare hands today because something’s amiss. I forgot my watch! Grr. I haven’t forgotten the watch for a long time and I hate that I keep lifting my hand, only to stare at the fine hairs on my wrist. Maybe I should stare harder and they could tell the time!

Feel tired today. A little empty too. sent der off at the airport late last night and this morning before the sun rises.. uncle n aunt headed back to seattle.

All that bustling feel of cny sorta came to a stop. It’s gonna be a quiet week, but a really busy one…
one last round of visiting this weekend and I’m done with all the ang pow collecting. How has your cny been thus far?

The most significant thing I could remember was a lot of mahjong and winning money.

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