There’s something that I bought a lot while on the recent trip, and that’s shoes.

Thing is, pre-pregnancy, my heels were mostly killer heels that were really high and not the friendliest things to walk in, at least not with the many barangs that I have to carry with the baby, and lugging a stroller in tow. I missed them though and I wonder when I’ll get the chance to don then again. So on this trip, I took the opportunity to buy some lower heeled shoes/wedges (there are high ones too!), especially peep toes ones which I usually have a hard time trying to buy any in singapore. I’m a size 5.5 and the more affordable brands do not stock half sizes and the more expensive brands are a little over-rated here (in terms of price) so I either have to squeeze into a 5 (ouch!) or wear a 6 with insoles.

I think it went a little crazy.. But my aunt actually say I’m quite subdued because I actually decided to put back many pairs of shoes that I actually wanted to buy!

And yup, here’s my buys.. I totally forgot to take a group picture of the shoes but am too lazy to lug them all out again.

2″ peep toe wedge from coach. I think 2″ is quite unheard of in my wardrobe in the last 10 years. I’m not a coach fan actually, but this pair looks pretty decent for work, all leather and ultra soft and comfy to wear. The plus point is that it’s rather affordable (note I did not say cheap).

Guess 4″ wedge. Heh. I love this cos it’s cute and it’s fabric, making it easy to go with casual wear, or simply shorts. I’m quite into shorts these days cos I think it’s hard wearing skirts and handling a baby.. All that bending down, kicking and handling the stroller.. I can’t be that dainty in skirts and do all that!

Guess suede peep toes. Simple and nice, and goes with almost all my dresses that I wear for work.

Another classic, simple pair for work from nine west. Nine west is actually one of my favourite shoe brand (and given the stamp of approval by my hubby because he hates it when I buy crap shoes).. They are also relatively affordable (ok, but I think Singapore’s pricing is not that attractive as compared to HK). The photo also don’t quite do justice to the colour because it’s more of a wine red colour than brown but I can’t seemed to capture the colour’s vibrancy with my phone.

Nine West peep toe slingbacks with giraffe prints in fabric. I love the rattan platform portion, making it feel rustic and relaxed.

Nine West gladiators. Would love these in camel/tan colour but they are outta stock in both Orlando and Seattle. Boo. Had to settle for the black ones. Very comfy pair!

Nine West peep toes slingbacks. I loooooove the color of this pair (it matches my miu miu nappa charm bag) and the cute ribbon details!

Nine West wedges in 2 colors. I couldn’t decide which to get so I bought both. These are what I call go-with-everything shoes. I got a feeling they’ll be worn the most by me because they are the no-need-to-think-just-slip-on-and-go shoes. They are also at the very comfortable height (for me) of 3″.

Tory burch cross cross espadrilles. I have been searching for a nice pair of espadrilles and was lamenting to the husband the other day (before the trip) that there isn’t nice espadrilles on sale in the market so I was damn excited to see these (helps that there were hints of fuchsia in the design) and I love it to bits. Nice height, lovely design and I love love the tan leather ankle straps (I have a thing for tan/camel leather too) so I bought it without a single moment of hesitation after I tried them on (and walked all around the shop much to the sales girl’s amusement). It was by accident that I chanced by these shoes because my main aim was to buy a pair of earrings that I had my eyes on but unfortunately they are not launched in the shops yet. Boo really, but I made a pre-order and hope they arrive soon!

Lovely details on that gold buckle!

Along in the same shop, I also bought the following flip flops/sandals and a big tote bag. Shall take picture of that another day. Have been using it as a baby bag. Throw everything in and I’m off!

Told you I have a thing for fuchsia. And. That’s not all.

Nine west sandals in fuchsia. Ultra comfy pair, the soles have very nice cushioning and I feel like I could bounce in these.

Ralph Lauren sandals. The husband likes them! Heh, quite hard to find shoes that gets my husband’s stamp of approval. Ok. He also likes that espadrille featured above.

And like I didn’t already have enough havaianas (I own 3 pairs already), I had to grab these too because they were too cheap not to buy. It was $9.95 before sales tax. HOW TO BEAT THAT?! Got diamanté somemore wor! ok. I sound quite like a cheapo nah nah here. Nevermind.

If you think that’s it.. No. I also bought shoes for my son! How to forget about him?

Before I started shopping for anything, my aunt went..”ok, let’s see what’s the ratio of the stuff that you buy on this trip. Is it 60:30:10 for your son, yourself and your husband?” I so hate to admit that she’s right. The shoes are all that I bought for myself at the malls. Nothing else (ok and that Tory burch bag I mentioned). No clothes trying and buying though I did buy a family set in the Disney stores as a momento in Orlando. That’s it. Everything else was jerry’s! And here’s his shoes loot, even though he cannot walk. Heh.

4 pairs of shoes. Would have bought more but it doesn’t make sense because the babies grow so fast! Besides, he already has a few more pairs at home, including the following that my brother bought.

And here’s his entire shoe collection. Err.. Quite scary for a 4 month old, I think.

*bites lips* i think i will spoil my son. uh oh. *turns denial mode and starts reading blogs*

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