is a LJ permanent account!

The permanent account sale is on and last till 9 Dec! Would anyone be kind to buy me that as a christmas gift? haha.

There are quite a far bit of stuff that i want to buy.. but it seems like i don’t really have the time to go to malls these days.

anyway, if you want to buy me a present.. here’s what i want for christmas!

1. 12″ privacy screen protector
2. a small laptop bag from this corner in taka (so tempted when i saw that in taiwan and now singapore!)
3. lj perm account! i’ll donate my 2years paid account out! πŸ˜›
4. the “half-balls” that you stick under your laptop to make it taller/improve the air circulation.
5. more sleep
6. more rest
7. non aching necks

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