Am in exasperation..

*screams* i spent the last 2 hours going thru the photos of the 2nd day in spain, choosing them and resizing them ready to be put into a collage in photoshop. little did i know that the stupid software decided to play a CRUEL joke on me. just when i finished resizing abt 60+ photographs and ready to embark on my collage.. photoshop gave me an error msg and i couldnt do anything! i cant even save the damn pics that i resized. the only thing i could do is keep drawing notepads. the rest seemed to freeze.

the OTHER thing that i could do is close all the pictures without saving! fuming mad now.. not to mention tired. how am i ever gonna catch up with the tonnes of photos at the rate im moving? im pissed. superly duperly pissed.

anyway, here’s the remaining of the photos for day 1. guess im heading for bed. will work on the day 2 collage tomorrow. i dont have another 2 hrs to hang ard considering the fact that i slept only 2 hours yesterday.

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