It’s funny how a short 11 day vacation can do to your daily schedule that you have been sticking to for months. During e stint in e states, bathing is quite a torture everyday cos the weather is cold and you can’t just run out of e shower like you do here…

I religiously slap on loads of moisturizer after each bath, on my face and my entire body and take time to blow dry my hair thoroughly (something i hate to do!) every day before putting on e layers of clothes. Back here, i find myself changing my daily rituals, cutting down e snooze-in-bed moments (despite managing only 3hrs of sleep for e last 2 nights), heading for e bathroom promptly and blowing my hair dry before i head out. Wow. I’m amazed at myself and i can’t help but wonder, if it means i’m feeling refreshed?

Interesting, and i wonder how much longer i can survive that. Life sure has its turns huh..

My colleague left me a msg on my blog (you know who you are) and it’s so heartwarming to know that despite e busy schedules everyone is managing.. I am being thought of. It’s such a nice feeling and it sure did make me smile.

Somehow i feel, it’s just little things like this.. That makes e world a difference and gives me e strength to move on.

=) bring on e hectic work day today!

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