i had abandon work at 8.00pm sharp today and headed home for some needed rest that i felt i need. to rejuvenate myself in order to go further.

well, for the fact that i am blogging now kinda means that i havent gotten the rest i wanted to have. spent the night in front of the tv, clearing some stuff in the room and throwing out some old stuff.

….. i tried to blog this on the cab home earlier, but an error msg kept appearing…

Oh my god! i tried calling a good friend of mine just moments ago and i was shocked to hear this – the M1 number you have dialed is not in use. Please check the number you have dialed.

i tried calling his home, heard his voice but no matter how hard i said hello, he doesnt seem to be able to hear me. the line got disconnected and i tried again. this time, no one answered!

i hope i am not being sensitive.. But…

ANT, ARE YOU AVOIDING ME? how come i wasnt even informed about the mobile number change? Anyway, i doubt you’ll be reading this anyway.

sigh. I hope you are fine. It’s been eons since i last heard from you with the news of your new found girl. Wish you happiness yeah? i do hope i can hear from you soon..

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