i have been wanting to do this beach thing for eons and havent found the opportunity because of my pregnancy, rainy season, confinement etc. have been trying to expose jerry to the great outdoors since he is such a energizer bunny. 


we headed to daiso to load up on the play kits. i had wanted to by kiddy palace when the husband suggested daiso. brilliant idea. we were kinda going crazy because since it $2, we got all the different sets available, huge spades and a bucket.

bouncing off at the park. we bundled jerome along as well since there isnt anyone who could look after him and we prolly have to get used to lugging him with us all the time since we will be moving into our own home really soon!

i brought the bumbo seat along to prop jerome up and he seems to be enjoying the view. he also attracted the eyes of tons of people, and i even had people requesting to take photo of him. i wish we didnt have that much attention though because it was a little hard to relax with people peering and staring and trying to make conversation with me.

the beach. it was a really tiny stretch (that is all that you see here) but i guess its good enough for a start. i was too lazy to travel further to rhe better beaches that we have here in singapore.

jerry kept running into the oncoming waves, with scoops of sand in his hand, flinging it into the sea as if an act of welcome at the waves. he kept going at it and i think der was pretty tired from trying to hold him back from going deeper into the sea. der also tried to build sand castles with him but this kid definitely loves water play much, much more.

the sun setting in a distance.

our shoes. i spent all the time on a pinic mat, chilling out with jerome and only popping down once to the sand to take some pictures while carrying jerome with my other hand. while i was at it, i was super freaked out that my bag would be stolen, my stuff would go missing etc. its kinda tough juggling everything at once and keeping my eyes on our belongings in a distance. couldnt plonk myself right at the beach which would have been ideal because it was so tiny and super crowded.

i spent the later part of the evening fretting about the strong sea breeze and wondering if its bad for jerome since he is still so young. tried to bundle him up thereafter but was met with much angst from the baby. guess he knows better!

when the skies turned dark, der had to drag the kid off the beach and we called it a day. really enjoyed the outing albeit a really short one. i miss the great outdoors. miss blading/cycling a lot and i dont know when we’ll be able to do that again. probably when the kids are much older and when my bones are about to break.

dont you think a sight like this calms the soul? i could sit around all day, just chilling and people watching. we’ll definitely be back soon!