not being able to enjoy having all my contacts at the tips of my fingers meant minimal contact with friends. especially since i do have many mutually exclusive groups of friends, i cant seemed to find some contacts no matter how hard i tried asking around.

last friday, while i was due to collect my mobile from the care centre, i wanted a shopping buddy or a dinner buddy. no one on msn was free that day and with less than 10 numbers in my head, i couldnt find anyone to go out with.

and then this sms from a foreign number came in. i have no idea who it was, asking me how i was. my standard reply these days in sms is, “sorry, my mobile is down and i lost all my contacts. may i know who you are?”

the reply. yong yee.

gosh. he’s a really old friend that dates back to 1997, when we first met while i was working at tangs studio as a promoter. we do have short exchanges every 6 months or so, just checking on each other, hoping that the other is doing fine. the sms exchange lead to the msn exchange. the msn exchange was short, and he left abruptly.

oh well. he was off that day, and it struck me to ask him out for dinner, since i havent seen him since donkey years. at least 8 years to be exact.

and dinner we had. in crystal jade (la mian xiao long bao) at taka after 1+hr of wait. he didnt really change much. look pretty much the SAME. haha. i can’t seemed to decide if that was good or bad. haha. walked around a bit, trying to do some shopping for cny clothes, but mostly catching up on each other’s lives, the years between us and some laughters over the past.

sat down at nydc to rest when all the shops were closing, and i snapped a couple of pictures randomly.

fisacold, if u are reading this.. it was really nice to meet up with you and catch up in real life. we’ll do this again sometime soon ya? hopefully with milton. gotta drag his butt out. and oh, i don’t think you meant it, but don’t stare at me too much when we are out the next time alright? it’s a little uncomfortable to be stared at like i’m a pet hamster. hee hee. take care and see ya soon!