the chinese chess is one of the earliest game of strategy i learnt to play. i remember the days where i battle my wits against my grandpa who taught me the game. the endless games that we’ll play from morning till night, tending the shop in the shop house. from the clueless kid to the one that caused my grandpa a lot of frowns.

i excelled in the game very much when i was a kid, forever bugging my brother to play with me. as i grew older, no one seemed to like the game anymore, except the uncles at the void decks.

there was once when i suddenly asked der out of the blue if he wanted to play a game of chinese chess. turns out, he likes to play the game! ha, but the years of lack of practice resulted in many defeats.

the other day, i FINALLY managed to beat him! YAY!!

looking at the pawns, you’ll probably realize that he is a much stronger player than what i currently am. but still, it’s still a sweet win for me! today, i beat him the second time by luck! Hmmm.. my love for the chess game is rekindled.

more battling of wits to come in the near future!

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