Earlier this year, serene (my colleague) gave me this DIY tomato plant kit (not like I needed it since I grew it from the fruit) but I thought it’s still great because I’ll have something to tend to in the office.

There were many other boxes that were distributed between my colleagues as well and we have a whole line up of little sprouts by my cubicle window. Solely because my little nook is the only place with the blinds drawn up (I didn’t mind the sunshine a bit) so it’s good for plants.

And so. Here are some of the pictures on my project by the window sill.

The diy kit.

Day 1 of planting.

My little cup has 5 seeds. My plants sprouted with one seedling (no pictures for that) but I have no idea why but it died one day and it looks like the stem is being injured. This sprouted out last week and I was delirious with happiness.

This is the progress after the long weekend and there is another sprout peeking out!!

Little little distractions like that keeps me sane at work.

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