ever since i came back from the trip.. i have yet to spend a lot of time in the office with all the offsite meetings, brainstorming sessions that my team have been attending. and i also took part in the company bowling competition the other day with my colleagues from other departments.

i was the only person from marketing that joined the game, solely because i rendered my aid to a team that needed another girl to make up the numbers.

and no, i am not fantastic at the game. i hardly play in fact!

my team players (the guys) were quite strong and hey! we managed to come in 2nd place with a total of 1324 points for 2 rounds (if i remembered correctly). the champion team came in with 1366!!

i played an average score of 100+ which was surprisingly quite good with a couple of strikes and spares (by luck)! what cheesed me off is that i always panic at the 10th frame and get a score of less than 5 points for the 2 games i played, while maintaining an average of 8 pins for the rest of the 9 frames! i could have gotten a lot more points for the team if i didnt freeze up and play so badly. after all, the 10th frame is the chance to catch up on the scores..

anyway, here’s my team. didn’t take any pictures during the game as the game play was too intense.

and yes, i played in that floral skirt that u are seeing me in.

the medal and the $50 NTUC vouchers that i won. 🙂

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