I woke up early this morning and took the opportunity to quickly sort out another bag of hand-me-downs that I received last night for Jerry.

Actually wanted to just sort them before waking the boy for the usual swim but I guess I was too noisy and woke the boy and we got into a sorting and washing frenzy! Tiring but fun!

Putting them out to sun.

We hand-washed everything here!

This is the 2nd batch of clothes in the wash. My mum did the first batch which had all the small delicate mittens and booties and small wash towels. There’s still a few basket-loads of baby laundry to be done – the bedsheets, linens, blankets, towels, cloth diapers, receiving blankets, and a lot more clothes! Actually.. der was saying that with the amount of clothes we have.. We can afford not to do laundry so often. I shall wait till the baby is born and see if he’s right. I think he doesn’t know that babies go through many changes of clothes in a day!

My right middle finger actually had a red sore spot (almost like a blister of some sort) from the laundry this morning and it’s major ouch cos I keep hitting it against all things.

By the time we were done, the noon sun was out in full blast and we were so hungry! Decided to do an evening swim instead which was later cancelled due to bad weather. a pity really.

Reckon it’s good in some sense since i managed to catch the good sun and some bits of the laundry done!

So.. Here’s the drawer of all things small and cute! Der had a lesson from my mum on baby clothes folding, but seriously, I folded 90% of these because the end sizes of the clothes that he folded were so inconsistent and are hard to stack. A lot more to learn huh?

Also started to pack my hospital bag.. Like finally. Missing a whole bunch of stuff still, but it’s a start!

Another week gone just like that.. I hope your weekend was good! I just wished I had more time to do more things.. Like reading the tonnes of baby/breast feeding books & parenting/motherhood/baby magazines. They have been sitting at one corner of my room for like the longest time..

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