its such an uphill task to de-clutter my house. i really really hate the amount of junk in the house and this morning, i packed like 50 of my old bags to bring to salvation army and a few bag of clothes. yeah, i know i always talk about having to sell them, but i figured if sleep was something that i am not getting enough of, i’ll never get my butt to doing that.

and so, almost everything that i threw into the ‘salvation bag’, was fished out by my mum..

oh, this looks quite new.. i could give it to the maid in malaysia..

oh, this is nice. i want it for myself..

hey, don’t give that away. we may need it sometime soon..

and because it is such an arduous task, we ended up having a tongue slashing session between the 2 of us. what the hell is wrong?! i really hate the cluttered house.


and i really really hate having to justify everything single thing that i want to give away. com’on, if it has been left there for the last 5-10 years without anyone touching it, i want it out!

it got so bad that we were arguing with the promotional leaflets that are left at my door. my mum doesnt throw them away and just leave them in a pile by the cupboard near the door..

and so, after 1.5hrs.. i am left fuming in my room with a hungry stomach and ignoring my mum. not that she is willing to talk to me. she’s shut up and ignoring me.

I feel like telling her.. hey, you are ignoring me OVER RUBBISH?! is your rubbish more important or me? but obviously, im not going to rub her up that way..

how? maybe i should pack her on a 10 day to somewhere trip and apply for leave to de-clutter so that she doesnt have any control and would be too late when she comes back.

the only problem? the last month i did it, she was angry with me for close to a month and refused to talk.

i feel like im staying in a garung guni’s house. does anyone has any brilliant suggestions?

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