i am literally trembling with ANGER.

i just found out that the limited edition baby piglet keychain that vine_yard gave me was STOLEN from my desk.

thank god i realised it. it’s outta my sight now and im looking for an opportunity to walk into that office facing my back and tell my boss abt it. shouted at her till she sheepishly admitted that it’s in her KFC bag in the car.

spoilt pens, shorter pencils, lost pens/stationary, i can endure.

not when a gift from my friend is TAKEN AWAY WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. especially when it is BLATANTLY something that doesnt BELONG to this office.

i am not talking to her. she took away the erasers she left me as gifts the other time. i dont care, i want my piglet back. even if it’s causing me my job.

what a spoiler. i was really happy moments ago.