i thought my last entry about jerry is bad enough.. and then last night, this happened.

he was chasing a ball and playing with daddy when he slipped and fell face first and hit the floor. he started crying immediately and when der fished him up, it was a bloody mess.


my heart almost stopped. my mum ran to take some sugar to sprinkle all over the bloody area, while i went to take my phone and snapped a picture of him before proceeding to quickly clean him up. i know right, my priorities.


for a moment i thought he lost a tooth or something with the amount of blood. turns out, he cut his lip with the fall. thank god. he started chewing on the sugar bits savouring its sweetness after a while amidst his crying and i quickly gave him an ice cube to ice the wound, also to slow the blood flow slightly. well, he stopped crying when he felt the ice upon his lips and started enjoying the cold treat instead. i gladly obliged when he requested for a second ice cube.


when bedtime came around, i gave him cold fresh milk instead of his usual warm formula milk as well. anything to make the small kid happy. he kept fingering his wound at random intervals and i had to keep hitting his hand away and keep him distracted.


this morning, he woke up as if nothing happened the night before!

looking like a happy kid and i dont think he remembered what happened the night before. the lips is still slightly swollen where the cut is but i guess it’ll mend soon.

what a scare, really.


a big thank you to everyone who has shown their concern over facebook/twitter, instagram and whatsapp. the boy is good and still very active. 3 “accidents” over 3 consecutive days. i hope my heart can take a break from all that drama today.


shall end this blog post with this quote, which couldnt be more apt.


Making the decision to have a child is momentous. It is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.
~ Elizabeth Stone.