Another colleague left today. There’s not much people left in the team! And there are loads of vacancies waiting to be filled.

Serene and i had farewell lunch yesterday with Karina at claypotfun @ east coast park! Am usually not a claypot person but I guess the focus is on her, not me. Must say the service is not too bad as when we were there, there weren’t any indoor seats left and we were asked to wait at the tables outside. Our order was promptly taken and we were served complimentary cold barley drinks. And at the first available table, the servers didn’t forget us and had us moved inside where the aircon screamed welcome!

Happy people while waiting for our food.

Our yummy tummy filling food.

We ordered set lunch for 4 as it was deemed most economical with the load of food we wanted to eat. The set came with a claypot yang tau foo (it was a choice between liver and this), 1 steamed cod fish, 1 pot of lettuce in claypot and 2 mini pots of soup of the day, which in our case was watercress and pork rib soup. The cod fish was fresh and tender and the way fresh fishes were. It was so good that karina wanted to steal my portion of the fish. Am not a cooked lettuce fan and very much prefer them raw, but these were done nicely with fermented bean paste and had quite a unique taste! The soup and yong tau foo was equally nice and us three girls managed to finish everything! Yes! Including that big pot of rice meant for 4!

All that talk about losing weight for the big day. I feel extremely sinful with the carbs that I’m still loading myself with.

Today, karina came to our cubes to bid her last goodbye and left serene a really cute memento on her whiteboard.

In return, I gave her a tattoo to make her look fierce. Haha. This is a private joke between us.

Am wishing her all the best in the next job. The only regret that I have is not being able to work more closely with her but am sure that we’ll still meet up for dinner some day.

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