with the jp morgan run coming nearer.. i thought it’s best i better start being regular at my jogging sesh to train up my stamina + get my old aching legs into the rhythm. was supposed to run together with xsf when she last min decided that she had some work to clear.. so i went solo.

and i thought i could push myself to complete 5.6km. all i did was a pathetic 3.6km, at 23mins. my speed was slightly faster today, but while i was going at my 10th round.. i caught a whiff of a very unpleasant smell that lingered around the track, coming from someone that was in front…

i tried to ignore it.. only to find it extremely repulsing and my body went into the retching mode.


i had to turn around and run out of the track and head home, half retching.

damn spoiler. and i made myself walk around all the blocks before heading back home and climbing the stairs.


next time, i wish i could carry an oxygen tank and breathe in fresh air. no more repulsing body smells, no more inconsiderate ciggie smells…

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