I think it is important to look good all the time, or at least dress well and be presentable.

In tampines mall now. Just finished a meeting with my supplier and mall management. In the midst of our discussion earlier, a guy in a tee and shorts with slippers came to approach one of us to borrow our handphone. His hair wasn’t styled, in slippers, looked kinda sloppy and claimed he lost his friend and his handphone.

None of us is willing to help him call. No matter how he begged.

Sigh. He finally walked away and a thought struck me. If it was a girl, i might have helped. Hmmm.. If he was dressed more pleasantly, i might help. Call me a sexist or whatever, i think one’s presentation and gender does make a difference. The other 2 girls agreed with me too.


On other matters, if i get to wish for something now, i’ll wish that cramps don’t exist in this world. I’m a miserable girl now. Was going to head home after my meeting cos i could barely stand straight. The bad news, i’m struggling my way back to the office cos one of my ads is screwed and i had to head back to office to make the changes cos of a mistake the agency made.

Grr.. Of all days… Why does it have to be today?.

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