I have a naughty baby on my hands!


tantrums. I have been getting more and more of it these days. he stamps his little feet a lot more, screams his head off and burst out in tears, stomps away in tears and turn back with a crying face..kicks his legs madly.. he’s turning into a little monster in my books!


while it frustrates me to no end, at times,  i do find it hilarious and quickly whip out my camera to capture the moment.. the tantrums an be quite patience testing..


in the past month, the biggest possible difference is in his speech. he still goes around pointing at things and go 这个 and his usual arh.. arh.. stroke but with clearer enunciation. he has also progressed to br..br.. ball.. and ker.. ker..  but he needs some prompting though. when I sing, he tries to sing along and make the correct sounds. I think all that daily YouTube phonics is helping in his speech.


his comprehension level also seemed to have improved. he points to my mobile phone or my mac book and goes arh..arh.. arple! he knows it’s the ‘player! he points to me and says ‘MAMA’,  der and goes ‘peh peh'(papa),  and mum-mum when he sees food.


he has also learnt how to make ‘phone calls’!

looking like a boss.. and well, the remote works for him too.

and his hand. babies these days are born with built-in mobile devices (I’m joking!). pardon the mess in the background.


he is also starting to choose the people that can carry him which means my hands are pretty tied up  cos he always choose me over der.


he made a first trip to Jacob ballas children garden and had an overwhelming time checking everything out!


crossing the suspension bridge with mummy.

jerry is definitely a water baby. put him anywhere near water, he’ll be so memorized and rooted to the spot. he’s  admiring the waterfall and even attempted to walk towards it to touch it.. his love for water is kinda freaking me out, because he’ll play anything that has water.. like a mug on the coffee table where he’ll dip  his hand in, that pail of dirty water when my mum had finished mopping the floor or simply, the toilet bowl!!!.it’s like his playground and he makes a beeline for it every moment that we weren’t paying attention!! we now shut the toilet door (he has since figured how to open since it’s a sliding door) and put the toilet bowl cover down.

refusing to leave and staying rooted to the waterfall grounds.

with daddy! and obviously grouchy that we carried him away.. 

at the frangnipani tunnel where I found it a beautiful sight and put him down so I can take pictures and he burst into tears. oh my sticky little baby. his expressions are hilarious!

walking towards me demanding cuddles..

squatted down in desperation when his cries went unanswered. overall, I find the garden quite interesting for young kids maybe aged 3 and above. there are interactive areas for kids to explore and learn about flora. it’s a bit too early for Jerry and  he did freaked out at the soil and pebbled grounds as compared to the usual marble/tiled or cement smooth flooring.


I think he love shopping malls much better. and he always like to remove his shoes!


my angel baby. I must say, he’s not shy at all. he goes up to strangers or other kids, watch them play and joins in! here he is showing what he is holding  to a little girl (see mirror reflection).

and yup, I was the one that shove those angel wings there. I thought they were really cute.

talking about mirror reflections, my little vain boy also loves the mirror very much, always checking himself out and mumbles to his ‘twin’ in baby talk.

my domesticated baby, my mum’s helper. he probably observed my mum on a daily basis, and the day he got his hands on the feather duster.. he started whacking the cushions and the sofa! we all had a good laugh!

he now runs out of the house when the door is open,  travels to the stairways and head down the steps! adventure boy he is, so a lot more attention is needed to make sure he doesn’t escape. sometimes my mum tends to be less careful when he takes his afternoon naps and doesnt close the door to his play yard.. he wakes up without making a sound and escapes!

I would very much like to think his first love is me.

on his first kiddy ride. a free one nonetheless. der plonked him in to keep him entertained for a bit while waiting for me and along came 2 lovely Indian sisters hopping into the other 2 cars and dad dropped in a dollar to start the kiddy ride, and there! free rides cheated out little girls. haha.

mummy, can I drive the car?

he is a lot more expressive and it’s always fun fascinating to watch him.  some one has been teaching him monkey faces behind my back..

hungry baby chewing up his friend.

one other thing that I have let him do a lot is playing with a trumpet, or a straw if we are out. one of my colleagues mentioned to me that when her kid (now aged 3) attend classes when he was younger, they were taught to blow balls across the table to help strengthen the tongue. apparently it aids in speech so I have been giving him trumpet blowers and straws to play and blow at to aid in his speech. he blows at the trumpet spewing saliva all around the house but the straws usually end up being his teething toy and he only blows into it when its the fat bubble tea fat straw. I guess it didn’t matter to me, especially when something simple kept him intrigued for quite a while, a trick der and me always use when we are out and baby is restless and cranky. I also use the straws to fold it into triangle shapes, squares and tuck the ends into each other and do some shapes education as well. I think it’s always easier to learn/teach when the kid is fascinated with whatever you are holding. I also loop it as a bangle at his tiny wrist and have him figure how to remove it. i feel it’s a good interactive play and he is always excited when the straw becomes something else.

his first modelling stint for the 3M Polarizing Light advertorial that I wrote.


food wise, he has moved from purees to porridge and small solid cubes. my mum usually cut up some fruits or bread and leave it on the coffee table for him to self feed.


eating his veg puree..

his appetite has increased quite a bit, but he is still a very very tiny baby. he’s not even 8.5kg yet after all these months!

my baby memorized by the water spray while they were cleaning the floor. he stood there for a longest time and refused to go..

I love this picture. mirror image of each other.

our family picture.. the day where we all coincidentally were all dressed in orange. I swear it wasn’t planned!

i think Jerry will be wondering why I have so many of his crying pictures when he grows up next time and see this blog.

grow well my little baby. mama hope you’ll  be healthy and happy baby’..mama love you loads! OK. I love you loads more when you are peacefully sleeping. haha!


p.s. this post is 2 days late! I have been struggling with work and sleep the past week and every time I attempt to finish the post, I fall asleep almost immediately.