Jerry flipped from his back to his tummy! What a milestone! I wasn’t expecting it to happen till he is 3-4 months old? I googled on it and some babies do flip at 2 months. It depends on how strong their neck and limbs are.

It happened when I was having dinner and watching tv and we were all in the living room with Jerry and my brother lying on the sofa side by side.

I suddenly heard my brother scream, jumped up and quickly turn my baby over to his back again (reflex action) cos he got a fright. He didn’t know my dear baby has been trying to flip himself for all week.

Wriggle wriggle and kick kick.

Well, i had a hard time sleeping last night cos he attempted to flip in his sleep too and I am so in fear cos apparently cot deaths are most common between 2-4 months. Maybe I am worrying too much but my mum has also instructed me to keep a closer eye on him while he sleeps.

Here’s some a lot of pictures of him in the past few weeks. He’s growing so fast!

Jerry takes a bath, he loves bath times but cries the house down when he is being dried and put up struggles each time we clothe him thereafter.

Bubble blowing is his favourite past time..

Happy smiley baby! He is smiling a lot more these days and would turn his head or follow objects.

Peacefully sleeping.

He looked so cute here propped on the pillows on my mum’s bed. His big butt is contributed by the cloth diapers.

Innocent looking here.

Afternoon nap in his rocker.

The ‘surrender’ position is his default pose while sleeping! My cousin say it’s a ‘happy baby’ pose. Dont know how much truth there is.

In his 天王椅 (car seat), snoozing in preparation of the adventure ahead.

Fat cheeks he has!

His hair is getting a wee bit unruly. My mum been asking me everyday if I wanna cut his hair..

Picture with mummy! I just realized I dont gave the chance to take pictures with the baby cos I’m always the one shooting the pictures. hmmm.. Daddy, you need to take more pictures of me and Jerry!


Shiok look after.

He has started to suck his hands, or arms, or our shoulders when we carry him. Hmm. Loads of salivating too in the last week.. Can’t be teething that early right?

He look quite cute here. Sleeping position I mean.

His thighs are really getting bigger!

With cousin Levon, who is born on the same day as Jerry, but is one year older. =) he moves too much/fast and it’s so hard to take a good picture of him.

After many many attempts. His nickname is buay si tiam, which means cannot sit still in teochew.

Levon stared at my sleeping Jerry and proceeded to rock the rocker, and here he is, awake and wondering what happened.

Here’s a comparison picture of how much he has grown since..

He has since outgrown this romper and he barely wore it more than 3 times! =( sad, because it says I love mummy.

Meanwhile, this helium balloon from Bernice is like the longest surviving helium balloon I ever seen/known. it’s been >2 months since I receive it when Jerry is born and it’s still floating around my room now. How come the helium balloons that I receive as a kid always deflate the next morning when I wake up?

And the weekend is near! Have you planned what to do this weekend? I’m heading to a department BBQ tomorrow and maybe some shopping in town!

Hope you have a great one.. I’m hungry… Off to raid some food!

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