am here. feeling really tired and i can feel my body burning up from the lack of rest. just bated goodbye to the agency girls joce & fio at one of the gates. their entire team is flying to hongkong for a company trip. damn shiok rite?

i have another hr to waste here at the airport. gonna grab a bite once this 15 mins internet connection is up. walk around a bit with my heavy haversack. kinda regretted buying the bangawan solo stuff so early for my uncle. i should buy just before i board the plane to reduce my load.

have half the mind to open up the pineapple tarts and shift the weight on my shoulders to my stomach. hee hee.

am wondering if i will enjoy this trip alone as compared to what i did last year. practically combed all of seattle the last time i was there. Hmm.. maybe i can make a road trip to vancouver or take the train up or something. shall see.

gonna miss all my friends here with the time difference, but one thing for sure.. i can fully devote time to msning. i sound like i seriously don’t have a life.

alrighty. the time’s ticking away and i don’t want to lose a post when it automatically logs out later. need to grab a bite. please miss me loads.. and sorry.. no presents cos i am really on a budget trip. u know, i’m probably the only person that would travel around without money in my pocket.

[posting from internet kiosk at changi airport]