Sometimes, i amaze myself. 4hrs of sleep on each night for the past 2 nights, and i had long and tiring days. Why am i feeling like i’m wide awake and clocked in at least 6 hrs of sleep?

Maybe i’m still feeling fresh from the bath. My eye infection is not clearing, so i’m over at the doc’s now to get it checked. Weird how badly i was coughing for weeks and having a bad cold and i didn’t come, but the eye infection warrants a different kind of attention.

Maybe i just want to make sure my eye is ok so that i can look at handsome guys.

Yesterday, someone (i forgot who!) asked me how i am gonna celebrate valentine’s. I didn’t answer (i think..) and i seriously haven’t even thought of it. Maybe it’s a good time to fly myself out of e country and enjoy some lonesome time.

I started pondering about whether i’m happy now as compared to months ago. I can’t really pin down the answer, but other than missing certain aspects of it and sometimes feeling lonely, i’m getting on ok.

Why is it that sometimes a simple friend do things that amazes you and that it gets you wondering why he didn’t seemed to put in the same amount of effort before? Maybe i was blind before and now that i see clearly. But why am i not accepting the harsh reality?

Out with dinner with Rodney last night and drinks (non alcoholic) at east coast park. He passed me pictures that were taken while in south africa and i was glued to e computer for hours just checking the pictures out. Amazing beauty in some of those and it triggered the traveller in me. Hmmm.. Can i plonk in a travel stint before e chinese new year?

Hmmm.. Why is the wait at the doctor so long even though there’s only 2 patients before me?

Suddenly, i feel like heading home to sleep cos work is so gonna be a D.R.E.A.D today. Definitely not looking forward to it.

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