ultrasound at wk32+. the ultrasound scan hasn’t been showing much for the past few months because the baby’s head is down so there hasn’t been anything interesting to show.


I have started to notice that my face is getting rounder by the day, mostly evident in the photos of me. it has also been rather depressing since I am down to very limited pieces of clothing to rotate since I have outgrown quite a bit of them and they are simply too tight to be even comfortable at all..because of that, I have been rather reluctant to step out of the house or feel auntish whenever I head out.


some of the ootd in the past week.

I also had to wear only sandals the past week… I accidentally scrap off a huge piece of skin off my heel last week, thanks to my stupid office chair. it was bleeding quite badly and till today, it’s raw and painful the moment I slip my feet into the shoe. ouch.


am definitely feeling the nesting instinct because I having been cleaning up and packing up the room to prep the baby. thus far, the cot is ready (thanks to the husb), and I kinda reorganized the room time cater for breastfeeding/expressing milk, the breastpumps have been charged and we bought an additional car seat today. so now, I’m left with the packing of the hospital bag and the washing of newborn clothes. have been nagging my mum on the latter because she kept away all of Jerry’s clothes and I have no idea where they all are. else I would have washed everything already. my mum just cannot be bothered. she say she will wash when I’m going to the hospital. argh. 


it’s just another 4-6 weeks more to go.. time flies! I haven’t been diligent in recording anything about this pregnancy since I’m perpectually tired and sleepy all the time..I have had a lot of people asking me if it’s easier the second time round. truth is, no. it much harder not because the pregnancy is harder to bear but because there is another kid (the first born) that you’ll need to care for and pay attention to, and that takes up a lot of precious time that could be spent resting. especially so if he/she is a hyper toddler like Jerry. when I was expecting Jerry, I could sleep /rest/wake at my discretion but with Jerry, I gotta drag myself out of bed like a slave when he wakes in the morning and ask for milk. sure, there’s the husband for help but he cannot be there all the time (like when he’s overseas for work), or there are times when he’s exhausted as well so it can be quite a struggle.


the next gynae visit is in under 2 weeks and thereafter, it’s weekly reporting to his office. I do feel a sense of panic in relating to work stuff because there’s still quite a bit that I need to work on. hopefully, I can manage to clear off the stuff that I need to (like the year end appraisal) and also filling/packing my table so that it’s neat.


keeping my fingers crossed.


am off to bed now. nights.