I am running out of clothes to wear at home! All the big roomy tees are taut at the tummy area and I have taken to sleeping with the tummy out in the open at night in the comfort of my room because it’s a lot more comfortable than to have a tight shirt around it.

Not much growth in the past one week tummy-wise, I didn’t weigh myself but I find it harder and harder to stand for long periods of time, and am starting to find myself a little more breathless. The baby’s squishing my lungs!!

Other than the gastric juice reflux/heartburn and vomiting (which resulted in major loss of appetite), all is good! My toes are still looking normal. Oh! I’m getting this sharp pains lately in the nether regions and they sometimes linger around for a long while. I googled and it seems that my cervix is doing it’s prep work!

There has been few and random leg cramps which I usually stretch it out myself without getting out of bed. They don’t quite bother me as much and it’s still only on my right leg (which was operated on previously). The boy had it good really because he sleeps through the night! I do realize that my legs ate looking different though. Like they have turned saggy/flabby and my muscles seemed to have shrunk. I wonder if it’s because I haven’t been wearing heels for a long time.. der says it’s because I never do the daily walks to the train stations in the mornings anymore (he drives me daily) + standing on trains on the journey to work. These 2 are the only key difference in lifestyle changes thus far… I am still that bouncy person at work that still run to the toilet when I need to.

I do find lying down a chore at times, and finding a comfortable position to stay in is getting harder and harder!

Sleep pattern is pretty much the same! I’ll wake in the middle of the night and be wide awake for a couple of hours before I fall asleep again at day break (regardless of what time I go to bed). So far, it’s been rather consistent – waking up between 4-5am, and getting back to sleep between 7-8am. Of cos, there were days where I couldn’t get any sleep back in and I struggle at work to stay awake.

The countdown isn’t that far off. I should start thinking and planning how to use my leave and decide a date that I should stop working. I do want to wait till the next gynae visit and see how it goes though!

The hubby is also into a nesting instinct – cleaning up his room and stuff, even though the baby is staying in my room/house. He says, easier when we move to our own house in the future because there’ll be so much more stuff, especially the baby’s!

I am much amused. And of cos, happy and glad that everything is working out fine in my small little world.

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