it’s getting unbearable. the pelvic pains are setting in, I feel extremely heavy and am waddling when I walk. does not help that the contractions are also happening so frequently together with the sciatica pains shooting down my legs. my tail bone hurts big time when I sit at my work desk for a tad too long and I still have to deal with urine incontinence with the baby pressing down my bladder.


argh. pregnancy woes.


and sleep. I haven’t slept well for a while, and recently, I keep getting cramps in my right leg (the same leg that I had a surgery some years back) so I’m suspecting my shorter hamstring cannot take the extra weight pressure and is cramping up badly. I tried stretching it out, but it didn’t seemed to help much tho.


the gynae visit at wk 35 and 5 days had the baby weighing at approximately 2.2kg, while I put on an additional 1.5kg. errmmm.. where’s the logic? I had to deal with weight spike and all my baby did was just to absorb 200g of it?


well, the verdict is that I’m likely to be due in end Jan, and the gynae offered me to go on Mc so that I can bag in as much rest as I possibly can while dealing with the aches before baby arrives. I think he was quite appalled when I want to continue working still.


the biggest struggle for me, is my first born. with him being extremely hyper with a preference for mama on all occasions, I am having trouble keeping up with him.. and protecting myself at the same time to prevent myself from over exertion. it’s a lose-lose situation, really.


so, as a result.. this space is pretty dead. I’m almost dead myself too.


well, but I guess it’s just a few more weeks to go (or maybe less) so I shall grit my teeth and rough it out.


the hospital bag is packed, the newborn clothes are washed and folded, the cot mattress has been sun and everything else is pretty much on standby. the new baby seat has also been bought and installed for Jerry while the old one has been washed and cleaned out, ready for the baby.


now.. all I do is wait and try to spend as much time as possible with jerry, before i had to split my attention on 2 different beings.


wish me luck.