i kinda neglected this little space of mine in terms of baby updates. in a flash, i have been back to work for a month already! the sleep deprivation ain’t that bad now though i feel very tired all the time and could easily drop off to dreamland any time.

which is why this space of mine is near empty. because the heart wants to but the brain shuts down.

tuesday. brought Jerry for his pneumococcus 2 jab and it was the worst jab thus far in terms of the tears he shed, but i couldn’t help think that he look really cute when he cries (i’m biased). i have been wanted to take a picture of him crying to no avail but i really love it when he squeezes his eyes shut and cry. i is evil mum!

in the past month, he put on only 350grams (!!) and is now weighing 6.7kg only. It seems that he is very much lighter amongst his peers and i am beginning to think if he is going to take after der in this aspect. He’s currently at 67cm tall with a head circumference of 43cm.

i havent been keeping up with his development milestones mainly because of the reduced interaction time with the baby. Every night when i come home, i barely have the time to eat my dinner lest play with the baby. there are days when i come home to a sleeping baby. and each morning when i step out, all i could do is kiss him goodbye while he is still sleeping soundly away in his cot. gawd. i do kinda miss the days where i can spend a lot more time with him.

so here’s what i have observed with the limited amount of time spent.

(1) he pulls himself upwards when you hold his hands while in a lying down position. it’s like inclined flex-arm hand that we girls used to do it school. he can easily do that for 3-4 times before he is exhausted and is not willing to do it anymore.

(2) he can easily flip back to front and front to back with ease now. I haven’t had much opportunity to observe if he can do it in all directions, but let’s just say he is rather mobile and could easily ‘bulldoze’ his way around the huge sofa bed in the living room or on my bed. it has made changing diapers a lot more difficult because he cant stay still at all!

(3) he kicks his butt up into the air a lot, forming a triangle with his body, like a downward-dog yoga pose, and continues kicking his legs to move around..must say he does take after my hyperactive genes.

(4) he is able to raise his chest and stomach off the surface totally when lying on stomach and be on fours.

(5) smile spontaneously and smile back at when when i smile at him or when i say “hello!”.

(6) observe something that i am holding in my hand (as small as a little grape), reach out for it and grab it from my hands (and proceeds to put it near his mouth). he hasn’t achieved that hand-eye coordination to put an object into his mouth yet. so far, it’s still his fingers and only his stinky fingers.

2 weeks ago, i bought some strawberries and for the fun of it, rubbed some juice on his lips and he seemed to be enjoying the taste, though a tad sour. his pediatrician has been asking us to try and start weaning him so this week, i had my mum start on a diet of porridge. he mostly takes only one spoonful of porridge each day. i guess at this point in time, it’s more of exposing him to the various foods and to train him to accept a wide variety of food so that he will not grow to be a fussy eater in the future.

am going to try pumpkin or banana this weekend. i went for a weaning talk some weeks back and i learnt that the trick to suss out your babies allergies is to give one food type a day for 5 consecutive days in the morning and observe if he has any allergic reaction. if nothing happens, the food is considered safe and you can proceed with another food and repeat the cycle. that way, it is easier to eliminate out what the food that he is allergic to since at this point in time, he doesn’t really need the fuel from the food to function. the pediatrician is asking me to give him some cereal to start him off but i am rather skeptical about giving him any processed food, so i’m holding it off for now. to the mummies out there, is cereal any good or is there any brands that you’ll recommend?

am very sleepy now and am off to bed. long day tomorrow but i am soooooooo glad that i survived a rather harsh work week and it’s finally coming to an END!

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