i need to pack. think through the list of stuff that i’ve to bring along with me. yet, i want to just chill in front of the computer and laze.


the day went by so fast. i was feeling stoned in the morning. the nap in the bus just killed me. i couldn’t “wake” myself to attend the meetings that i have for the whole of today. with the creative + media agency, with my entire team with regards to calendar planning and with a 3rd party offsite meeting.

the last one is the most interesting one, and i was gorging myself silly. we had our meeting in a spa. i think its totally cool, with a room dedicated with nice sofas, free flow food ranging from appetizers, salads, sandwiches, main course, desserts, and a whole range of drinks. YUMMY! i had 2 x lotus peanut soup, 1/2 a plate of salad, 2 plates of tuna sandwiches, 1 spaghetti, 1 haagen daz strawberry cheesecake ice cream, 5 cups of warm green tea, watermelon juice and mouthfuls of porridge and tumeric rice off my colleagues’ plate..and 2 fruit platters!

soft lightings, cosy sofas, 10 min trial shoulder and neck massage, free wireless internet access (gd! can check my urgent mails and revert), and jacuzzi/sauna/movies/lounge facilities to use FOC. food is also free flow all day. shiokalicious. i actually switch off and simply enjoyed myself.

jen & me headed for the jacuzzi after everything ended and i feel so great tonight. we had dinner, and chatted and loads of stuff. despite the mad rushing to churn the work out amidst all the meetings today, i think i had fun.

tomorrow’s the company retreat. i’ll be away for 2 days on the mosquitoes infested island called pulau ubin. will bring my cammie and snap as much pictures as i can. in the meanwhile, it’s time to pack and practise my team cheer before my team mates kill me tomorrow. i havent had any chance to attend meetings with them this week with regards to the retreat due to the overwhelming work and amt of meetings.

may be back to jot more notes if my packing is smooth. for now, im over and out.

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