Alarm rings at 7.30am. No more “khao rai” and “ke koon ka”, no more tom yam soups for meals and doing all buying in baht.

Am back to reality, standing in the train, rocking my way to work.. And gonna be really late. =(

I’m super tired! All thanks to the flight that delayed for 2 hours and i got into singapore past midnight. Coupled that with the long journey home and the slight unpacking and getting organized.. I slept almost at 4am. So wished that i could take a day off today.. But i can’t.

My cough still isn’t going away, but think it’s getting slightly better except for those occasional attacks at night. I almost broke wei’s leg on the trip cos i made him walk non stop.

I covered quite a lot of grounds and spend all the money i had. Think more than 10pairs of heels, at least 15 dresses and smaller stuff like accessories.

If not for a injured wei and a empty pocket, think i would have bought more.

Hmmm.. I want to go again!

The only good thing after i came back is my bed. Much more cosy than the hotel one. I really missed my bed. =)

Ok. Just a random one. Wait till i sort the pictures and do a proper update on the trip.

[mobile post on train @ braddell]